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Prices and shipping rates are in USD.

About this piece:

Standard and Limited Edition print of a digital illustration artwork. All limited edition sizes are printed, numbered and signed by artist on fine art matte paper with archival ink. White bordered artwork is intentionally left uncropped to allow purchaser to have full flexibility with matte and framing.

This print was graciously given permission by the author to sell to you wonderful fans!


You guys, this book is such a treat to read – even more so with the superb narrators they snagged for the audiobook! Kifah is my spirit warrior, my patronus (if they could be people!). I’m gonna drop my mini-review from Twitter:
⭐⭐⭐ Y’all. I have a daily peanut M&M addiction, and it’s the best thing. But sometimes I’ll stumble upon a rare, decadent dessert — and I can only indulge in its rich flavors while I lament it disappearing with each bite. This is my #WeHuntTheFlame experience. 🥂