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"She would give Arawiya magic and make the sultan himself bow before her."

“Legends of Arawiya” is a special mini papercraft series inspired by the characters and motifs from the young adult novel We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Fazial (, and specifically designed to be publicly accessible papercraft kits!

Each 5 x 7″ papercraft is a tangible profile bust of three of the main characters from the novel, each paired with a significant mythical creature featured in the story telling!

Papercraft Challenge + Charity Donations

In response to the warm reception of the Six of Crows inspired “Come to Call” papercraft kit, a new Papercraft Challenge is open with a limited edition series of papercraft kits! Each purchase donated a $10 portion to a featured charity!



… of the “Legends of Arawiya” series will be hand prepped and made available to purchase for a community-wide papercraft Instagram & Twitter challenge.



… will be randomly selected from challenge participants to win an exclusive 13 x 19 inch “Don’t Be An Equal”  We Hunt The Flame Illustration print.



… will be contributed from every kit purchase to the challenge’s featured charity organization: Australian Red Cross in support of the Australian Bush Fires

Enter the Challenge!

Once kits have been shipped, the challenge begins for 30 days! I will announce on my Instagram and Twitter with the exact deadline dates.
(Dates are subject to change depending on delivery delays)



Purchase any papercraft kit and build it! (Or bask in the beauty of a pre-assembled kit!)



Post a photo on your Instagram story or posts! (Get a 2nd Bonus entry if you do both!)



Tag your story / post with
@rosiethorns88 and #whtfpapercraftchallenge

Featured Charity

In light of the recent devestating bush fires in Australia, Hafsah and I both agreed to shift the charity focus from a book related charity to an origanization that will help the support and recovery efforts in Australia. A total of 163 kits were purchased during the pre-order campaign. $1630 USD ($2503 AUD) was donated on March 2, 2020! Thank you so much to everyone who help contribute donations with their purchase!

Alexandra A. ($10)
Alexandra G. ($10)
Alice D. ($10)
Allisha W. ($10)
Allison C. ($30)
Alyshia M. ($30)
Alyssa B. ($10)
Ariella N. ($30)
Ashley D. ($20)
Ashley H. ($20)
Ashley S. ($20)
Brie W. ($30)
Bryanna W. ($30)
Carelynn T. ($20)
Catherine B. ($30)
Ceciley P. ($30)
Chantelle M. ($30)
Chloe D. ($10)
Daphne C. ($10)
Eileen C. ($30)
Elaine C. ($10)

Elodia C. ($10)
Emily O. ($30)
Emily S. ($30)
Farah K. ($10)
Haley C. ($10)
Hector C. ($30)
Jade H. ($10)
Jaquelin E. ($10)
Jem V. ($10)
Jemmie Y. ($10)
Jennifer B. ($30)
Jessica B. ($10)
Jessica O. ($10)
Jessica W. ($10)
Johanna-e. T. ($30)
Jordan L. ($10)
Julia D. ($40)
Karen T. ($10)
Karima B. ($10)
Kathy T. ($30)
Katrina K. ($10)

Kelsea L. ($10)
Kelsey H. ($40)
Krista R. ($10)
Kristopher J. ($10)
Lara S. ($30)
Lasanthi G. ($30)
Lauren E. ($10)
Linda B. ($20)
Manon P. ($30)
Maria C. ($10)
Marie G. ($30)
Mary C. ($10)
Megan C. ($10)
Megan L. ($10)
Miana B. ($10)
Michelle H. ($30)
Morgan C. ($20)
Nary S. ($30)
Natasha P. ($10)
Nichole K. ($20)
Nitzan S. ($20)

Patrick P. ($30)
Philippine P. ($30)
Poppy F. ($30)
R.P  ($10)
Rachel M. ($30)
Rameela R. ($10)
Reatta A. ($10)
Ricardo Z. ($10)
Rita C. ($30)
Rochelle G. ($20)
Rosie F. ($30)
Sanna L. ($10)
Shannyn M. ($30)
Sharelle L. ($30)
Shaunah G. ($10)
Sidney T. ($10)
Sydney C. ($10)
Tara H. ($30)
Tiffany T. ($20)
Victoria E. ($30)
Zoe S. ($20)

Red Cross on its response to bushfires:

“All funds raised since July 2019 will go to our Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. This fund ensures Red Cross teams are on the ground supporting people as the fires happen (and other disasters we sadly expect to happen over the coming months) and to support individuals and communities to recover from these bushfires. Currently, all our efforts and resources are going to the unprecedented bushfires emergency we are facing.”

Read full statement here.

Papercraft Kits

Pre-Orders are now closed! Thank you so much for your contribution! Each kit has been designed, cut and hand assembled by myself to make sure each piece is whole and sturdy for assembly. Assembly can take about 20 – 40 minutes depending on glue drying time and experience. Kits were purposefully designed to be assembled by hand without any additional tools necessary – all you need is glue!



Kits include pre-cut cardstock materials. Pieces may be attached to excess paper that will need to be cleaned with weeding tools and discarded before assembly.



I will clean and fully assemble the papercraft artwork  for you, flat mount it on the background the card, sign it and ship to you the final piece!



I will clean and fully assemble the papercraft artwork with 3D foam mounts, sign it and ship you the final piece in a 5 x 7″ shadow box frame!

* Fully Assembled Artworks are limited to a total quantity of 30 pre-orders.


The papercraft challenge begins once papercraft kits have been shipped out! The winner of the papercraft challenge will be selected from eligible entries 30 days after it begins. (This date may change depending on delivery delays or lost mail issues) Keep an eye out on my instagram and twitter for these announcements!

This depends on which kit you purchase. The Pre-cut kits will be prepared first and shipped out by early March. The Fully Assembled Kits are more labor intensive and may take anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks after kits have been sent out. All pre-orders for Fully Assembled Papercraft Artworks are automatically entered into the challenge as soon as the order is placed.

Yes! This is open to global entrants!

Oh no! Please feel free to email me or DM on any of my social media accounts with pictures of the damaged pieces and I will ship you replacements for free!

You should be able to assemble the Papercraft Kit with your hands (no tools, such as tweezers, are required). All you need is glue!

Before assembly. you may need items such as a paperclip, toothpick, a pen/pencil or paper weeding tools to remove excess paper from your pieces. The paper is very durable and has multiple ply, but be sure to remove excess paper pulling from the back of the pieces to avoid tearing the surface.

An (extreme) example of pieces that need weeding:

I recommend using a clear-drying, craft glue pen made for paper or crafting. These glues are permanent, but repositional. Multi-purpose glue can also be used, but be careful of visible residue on the paper if it smears. If you cannot find a glue pen (which gives you better control over the glue application), try using a Cotton Swab / Cotton Buds / Q-Tips with an end cut off to apply small amounts of glue to the pieces.

Avoid using super glue or any glues that are clear liquid as water. These will leave stains on the paper and take too long to dry between each piece (and are obviously not repositional.)

I personally recommend the Zig Memory System Two Way Glue Pen, which is available in popular craft stores or on Amazon.

No worries! When the challenge starts, you will be able to download the guides, instructions and replacement background images here! 🙂

The “Legends of Arawiya” papercraft kit series is a limited edition for this papercraft challenge only. There may possibly be more available in the future in different circumstances (such as giveaways), but the next challenges will feature a different papercraft of a different author and charity for the foreseeable future.