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Date: July 24, 2019
Source: The Bear and the Nightingale, The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden


This was a glorious story to paper raid. I live in the tropics, and snow is foreign to me; but listening to this trilogy threw me into a winter wonderland full of magic and lore. I could find myself yearning to snuggle up with cocoa and a warm blanket in front of a fire on a snowy night.
So funny story with this build. I originally planned to build it for a 9 x 20″ frame, but only when I was in the final hours of the build and assembling the frame did I realize I set up the digital document for 9×16″. (Like, STEP 1) My mouth was open long enough for flies to move in when I realized I designed and cut everything 4 inches short. When I used to woodwork with my grandpa in his workshop, a piece of advice he offered: “Measure twice, cut once.” And how ironic, years later this advice would come around to flick me on the forehead. 😫