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Date: May 10, 2019
Source: The Wicked King, The Folk of the Air Series by Holly Black


A new #theWickedKing papercraft exclusively designed for a campfire mug item in the @illumicrate April 2019 box. (which was an AMAZING box to be a part of!)
This was a concept I’ve been sitting on ever since The Wicked King’s promotional excerpt was released last year and Illumicrate was super kind to allow me to explore it for their mug design! It really only took one sentence to inspire such a fanciful piece: “Papery moths fly above our heads, circling up as though tragically drawn to the light of the stars.”
Overall, this was a super fun design, and a bit challenging from my other pieces as it involved very constraining spaces and exposed mounting on the floating elements. #Jude‘s Queen of Mirth dress is a bit stylized (and maybe a bit too pretty?), but really fun to adapt – channeling some Pocahontas ‘Colors of the Wind’ vibes. I’m happy so many people liked their mugs and am super humbled for it to be considered an officially licensed item by @blackholly. That’s the highest compliment one can receive as a fan artist. 😱🧡 Please look forward additional upcoming mugs Illumicrate has commissioned, including a design for their upcoming #Darkdawn Special Edition Box!
“Holly Black” logo and papercraft artwork © Holly Black.