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Date: July 8, 2019
Source: The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen ( Disney Inspired )


Popping this up after building it on Live Stream this weekend! Thank you to all who joined! I especially thought this was a great little tribute to the live action Disney’s The Little Mermaid announcement of casting Halle Bailey as the title role! I got to use some vellum accents here with the tail! 🙂
// Rant!
To be honest, I have had nothing but scorn for all of the modern Disney Live Action remakes (with the exception of the Jungle Book) as they are so focused on selling the movie and not selling the characters. Emma Watson’s portrayal as Belle really infuriated me as it was obvious she was cast for her fame (and feminist activism) rather than her acting and singing (oh lordy, the singing). I always found the animated Belle to be more aloof, focused on herself and her hobbies rather than proving to others why she needed to be who she was. Watson’s Belle was French Hermione on Xanax. 😒
These Disney musicals are born from the roots of the Broadway stage, and the characters sing for the purpose of story telling. That’s why I’m super excited for Bailey’s cast, because she SINGS. Even if her acting skills need to be polished, after seeing how Auli’i Cravalho debuted with Moana, I have more faith in this remake than anything Disney has presented me thus far.
Now do Ursula justice. Please.
// End Rant