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Date: April 2, 2018
Source: The Wicked King, The Folk of the Air Series by Holly Black


Well, this looks familiar! A few weeks back, I was testing out a vellum paper to use on an upcoming papercraft. I used Jude’s dress from one of my illustrations as a perfect tryout to get familiar with the translucency and different vellum coats. Afterward, I decided to finish the illustration outright and worked on #Cardan and the rest of the papercraft over the past weekend… ’cause you don’t give #Jude a bunch of attention and then just banish her, abandon her, leave her to sit in time-out on a shelf! *COUGH*

Overall, I looooove the effect that the vellum papers offered here and I’ll look to use them in more future pieces!

Notably, April marks a year since I started this account and a year since I began papercrafting again. With my upcoming Wicked King papercraft in @illumicrate ‘s April box, this will mark my 4th #theFolkOfTheAir papercraft, and a great callback to the first papercraft on this account. I’m very humbled about how much this account has grown and to how many people my artwork has reached; all because of you, my followers and viewers. I only post on a few platforms, but you wonderful people help share the experience, and I’m very grateful!

Please look forward to some exciting things coming down the pipeline in the next few months! Thank you!