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Date: July 24, 2019
Source: The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon


Hah, y’all thought I was done art spamming this month, NOPE. This is another print that was available for purchase at @illumicrate‘s booth at #YALC 2019! An illustration inspired by #thePrioryOfTheOrangeTree by wonderful @say_shannon!
For this print, @illumicrate asked me to illustrate the two branches of dragons from the book; one of fire / earth and one of water / air and pose them so they created a Yin and Yang symbol to represent their balance and contrast.
I love working in this style of art because it reminds me of wood relief carving – using the influence of negative space to create shadows and forms in bold, contrasting palettes. I wanted to bring a woodblock print style to this to make it feel like it was a historical page that came directly out of the world of #TPOTOT. Learning that the dragons in the book were inspired by classic eastern and western type dragons made this super fun to explore their different textures and forms to create the two halves of the symbol.
Curious! What’s your favorite style of dragon? To be honest, I prefer the classic western dragons: big ol’ winged reptile fire breathers with crocodile snouts. My absolute favorite dragon design is from the semi-animated film The Pagemaster, though the Smaug from the recent Hobbit films is a close second. 🧡