Regarding Harry Potter, JKR, and LitJoy Crate.

I wanted to provide an explanation for my upcoming and final Harry Potter collaborations. Firstly, I want it to be clear that I whole heartedly disavow J.K. Rowling’s sentiments on women’s rights and the transgender community. I think there is a very clear divide with where people stand with her views and I’m most decidedly […]

I don’t understand: If fanart is your artwork, why don’t you sell it?

Fanart is the love child of two parties: The artist and the copyright owner of the original property or ideas the fanart depicts. Because I am declaring that the artwork I make is referencing, depicting, or relating to copyrighted properties that do not belong to me, then I am no longer the sole owner of […]

Do you have any artists that have inspired you?

Oh boy, I’m going to gush here. Glen Keane. One of the most prolific Disney animators since the Disney Renaissance, his work has been my inspiration since before I even knew who he was as a person. You can easily recognize his character designs by his signature eye style. They’re so full of focus and […]

Why don’t you sell your fanart?

Out of respect for the copyright holders (and copyright law), I don’t sell fanart of works that I don’t have permission to sell. I am working on gaining permission for some properties and will definitely announce when prints, kits, or paper crafts of those properties are available for sale. 🙂 I try to spread the […]