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Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 effects on the global postal service, there are certain countries that have suspensions or delays in post deliveries from the USA. Please be sure to check to see if your country falls into one of these categories. I constantly monitor these lists and will be happy to hold your order or you can return to purchase once these suspensions have lifted! 🙂

Shipping Rates

This is the current shipping structure I'm using to ship products to allow purchasers to plan accordingly for shipping. Shipping rates include cost of shipping materials and account for total weight of products and shipping package materials (listed below)

Tube / Rigid Mailer / Packages

Weight (up to)USCA / MXInt'l
8 oz$3.83$11.64$13.78
12 oz$4.97$19.71$23.28
16 oz$5.89$19.71$23.28
32 oz$8.83$30.40$37.05

Untracked Envelope

Weight (up to)USCA / MXInt'l
1 oz$1.20$2.63$3.39
+ additional oz+$0.20+$0.24+$1.00

Shipping Weights


Shipping Materials

6 x 9 Print0.5 ozRigid Letter Envelope1 oz
8.5 x 11 print0.8 ozRigid Mailer2.4 oz
13 x 19 print1.6 ozTube4.1 oz
8 x 10 Papercraft Kit2.2 oz
8 x 10 Framed Papercraft22.5 oz
*Additional products or shipping methods outside of this structure are on a case-by-case basis.

Maximum Examples that will stay under 8 oz threshold


Shipping Method

6 x 9 Print (x6)Rigid Letter Envelope
8.5 x 11 Print (x6)Rigid Mailer
8.5 x 11 Print (x6) + 6 x 9 PrintRigid Mailer
8.5 x 11 Print (x4) + 8 x 10 Papercraft KitRigid Mailer
13 x 19 Print (x2)Tube
13 x 19 Print + 8.5 x 11 Print (x2)Tube
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