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Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 effects on the global postal service, there are certain countries that have suspensions or delays in post deliveries from the USA. Please be sure to check to see if your country falls into one of these categories. I constantly monitor these lists and will be happy to hold your order or you can return to purchase once these suspensions have lifted! 🙂

Shipping Rates

This is the current shipping structure I’m using to ship products to allow purchasers to plan accordingly for shipping. Shipping rates include cost of shipping materials and account for total weight of products and shipping package materials (listed below)

Tube / Rigid Mailer / Packages

Weight (up to) US CA / MX Int’l
8 oz $3.83 $11.64 $13.78
12 oz $4.97 $19.71 $23.28
16 oz $5.89 $19.71 $23.28
32 oz $8.83 $30.40 $37.05

Untracked Envelope

Weight (up to) US CA / MX Int’l
1 oz $1.20 $2.63 $3.39
+ additional oz +$0.20 +$0.24 +$1.00

Shipping Weights


Shipping Materials

6 x 9 Print 0.5 oz Rigid Letter Envelope 1 oz
8.5 x 11 print 0.8 oz Rigid Mailer 2.4 oz
13 x 19 print 1.6 oz Tube 4.1 oz
8 x 10 Papercraft Kit 2.2 oz    
8 x 10 Framed Papercraft 22.5 oz    
*Additional products or shipping methods outside of this structure are on a case-by-case basis.

Maximum Examples that will stay under 8 oz threshold


Shipping Method

6 x 9 Print (x6) Rigid Letter Envelope
8.5 x 11 Print (x6) Rigid Mailer
8.5 x 11 Print (x6) + 6 x 9 Print Rigid Mailer
8.5 x 11 Print (x4) + 8 x 10 Papercraft Kit Rigid Mailer
13 x 19 Print (x2) Tube
13 x 19 Print + 8.5 x 11 Print (x2) Tube
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All prints are printed on demand as soon as I receive the order. Once printed, I let the ink cure for 24 hours before packing them so as not to damage the print. Due to the increase in orders in recent months and my limited time schedule, I’ve dedicated a few weekends out of the month to print and pack orders. All orders received before the first and third weekend of each month will ship the following Monday.

Papercraft kits are in limited stock and usually crafted on pre-orders. Any replacements or circumstantial on-demand orders are produced within a week.

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All prints that are purchased through this website are hand printed and packed by myself on fine art matte stock with archival ink on a Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer.

Papercraft kits are hand produced, cut and packed by myself.

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Prints or papercraft kits that are 8 x 11″ or larger do come with delivery tracking.

Envelope flats shipped under 8 x 11″ sized deliveries are untracked. If you wish to receive tracked deliveries, please reach out to me and I can upgrade it to package delivery!

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Yes! Prints and kits are available for international shipping. Shipping prices differ based on the type of item you purchase (prints are shipped internationally via tubes and flats depending on the size).

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