What’s your favourite paper craft you’ve made/art you’ve drawn?

The Ace of Shades “The Lovers, Reversed” papercraft is still my favorite piece. The mish-mash of symbolisms for the Lovers / Fool tarot cards and story elements fit together so well. The trifecta imagery of the golden God’s Robe / City Skyline / Spade was especially fun.

Can you explain the entire process of your papercrafting?

Pre-planning: I start by re-listening to the book for details and symbolisms. I take a lot of liberties with the art, but I don’t want to stray from the spirit of source material. I love adding in as much symbolism and hidden details as possible so avid readers can spot them Concept: I try to […]

How long does it take you to make papercrafts?

It depends on the complexity and size of the piece, as well as if I’m running into artistic blocks during the concept phase. An average breakdown of hours for each step for a few different pieces:

Do you have any tips on how to start papercrafting?

My absolute best tip for 2D papercrafting is practice drawing basic shapes for form. Many artists begin illustrations with simple shapes to build their subjects before adding detail. Papercrafting is devolving your concept back into simple shapes and contours. It’s important to simplify your shapes to be “clusters” if something becomes too detailed. Don Bluth […]

When / how / why did you start papercrafting?

I started papercrafting when I was in middle school, but vastly different from the paper art I do now. I used to make 3D paper models from commercially made paper kits. My father gifted me my first paper kit (like on the left) from Germany and I was hooked! Unfortunately, it was very damaging to […]