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Ooh that’s an interesting thought! I definitely have noticed an evolution of how I design certain things, specifically with faces.

Early on I would have exposed eyes pasted over the face, and shape the nose with two separate facial pieces. Now I’ve found that cutting out the eye sockets and cutting a ‘flap’ for the nose creates natural shadows and is much more appealing to my vision in concept.

I’ve also really adopted the triangle cuts I’ve used as guides to help with the alignment and precision of each paper piece. (seen in my WIPs)
It’s something that I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of if I didn’t have a Cricut, but it definitely makes things faster (and fun) for assembly.

As far as goals, I’m really trying to focus on creative uses of color. I want to try more abstract schemes like the Six of Crows papercraft, instead of standard, everyday life color schemes

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