How are shipping rates calculated?

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 effects on the global postal service, there are certain countries that have suspensions or delays in post deliveries from the USA. Please be sure to check to see if your country falls into one of these categories. I constantly monitor these lists and will be happy to hold your order […]

Regarding Harry Potter, JKR, and LitJoy Crate.

I wanted to provide an explanation for my upcoming and final Harry Potter collaborations. Firstly, I want it to be clear that I whole heartedly disavow J.K. Rowling’s sentiments on women’s rights and the transgender community. I think there is a very clear divide with where people stand with her views and I’m most decidedly […]

How long does it take to ship your prints?

All prints are printed on demand as soon as I receive the order. Once printed, I let the ink cure for 24 hours before packing them so as not to damage the print. Due to the increase in orders in recent months and my limited time schedule, I’ve dedicated a few weekends out of the […]

How are your shop items produced?

All prints that are purchased through this website are hand printed and packed by myself on fine art matte stock with archival ink on a Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer. Papercraft kits are hand produced, cut and packed by myself.

Do you offer delivery tracking?

Prints or papercraft kits that are 8 x 11″ or larger do come with delivery tracking. Envelope flats shipped under 8 x 11″ sized deliveries are untracked. If you wish to receive tracked deliveries, please reach out to me and I can upgrade it to package delivery!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Prints and kits are available for international shipping. Shipping prices differ based on the type of item you purchase (prints are shipped internationally via tubes and flats depending on the size).

I don’t understand: If fanart is your artwork, why don’t you sell it?

Fanart is the love child of two parties: The artist and the copyright owner of the original property or ideas the fanart depicts. Because I am declaring that the artwork I make is referencing, depicting, or relating to copyrighted properties that do not belong to me, then I am no longer the sole owner of […]